The mole-kitty burrows into the side of a hill for mouse-shaped turnips.

Hoping to find a mutant mousehead, the cat-weasel scratches at the hillside.

Economically speaking, Urani-cat knows that seeking the tri-mouse in gritty kitty's nuclear test piles is the hottest game in town.

My cat became bored with normal games like baseball, hula hoops, and craps - but she developed a taste for siamese mice that were deformed due to nuclear waste.

Nuclear power creates two-headed mice, a positive boon to hungry cats.

The grossly overweight, nearly diabetic cat was stupidly unaware that its next 'gourmet' meal was a product of a nuclear 'slip-up.'

After eating the mutated goldfish, Fluffy needed tranqulizers whenever she thought about Saturn (the planet.)

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