Oct. 01, 2013: Market Harborough, Leics, England

A little late headed out of London, but not terribly so. A mostly overcast day throughout the day. Which is just fine for biking!

I started the day by staying off the major highways and sticking to the B roads and “lesser” A roads. After switching over to a major highway later on in the day, I discovered I liked them much better. Moreso than in Canada, the traffic levels aren't that much different, and the green A roads at least have a shoulder along part of their length. Which is very nice.

Drivers here are courteous to a fault around cycles — indeed to the point where they make me nervous. It's a strange thing: the roads are so narrow that the drivers are used to navigating around any number of random obstacles jutting out into the roadway, and having to squeeze through gaps with inches to spare, if that. Yet at the same time, they will queue up behind a bicycle for what seems like miles slowing down to half the speed limit and refusing to pass even when there is more room in the lane to do so than some entire roads are wide.

*shrug* Market Harborough wins the award for “Coolest Town Centre for a town I'd never heard of.” A market town obviously (hence the name), but it also has a cathedral and a cool old rail station (at least I think that's what it is?) and some neat lanes and so forth. Some of the lanes are maybe 3 feet wide?

Apparently it was also a battle site in the English Civil War.

Shops close way too early, though.

Today’s weather: 17 and partly cloudy. Well, more just overcast than p.c.. But good biking weather.
Today’s meal: Fish and Chips at St. Mary's Chippy. Fish! And Chips! Yum. Still doesn't measure up to that experience on the cold blustery day in Hunstanton, but really, what would?
Today’s lodging: The Village Inn. Decent enough. Ales on tap were ok. Nothing special.
Today’s road: A110 - A111 - A1000 - B656 - A600 - A6. 141.8km, 5h39. Nice and fast day today. Not too many stops.

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