Sep. 30, 2013: Enfield, Middlesex, England

Spent most of Sunday finishing up on all the work that I didn't manage to get done before leaving Calgary. I know, I know; I said I wouldn't. But hey: it's all done now!

That worked out well enough, because Hari had a big football match he wanted to watch that afternoon, so the both of us spent the day kicking around his place. Went out for some Indian food afterwards, a couple pints and that was the day.

Then on Monday did touristy things down in the city. Mostly a lot of wandering around looking at neat stuff while Hari played tourist guide. Spent some time in the Museum of London, which was interesting enough. Had lunch at Borough Market just over the Thames and I bought a whole pile of things (mostly variants on Parmesan cheese, hee ) to stuff in my backpack for the trip. Was so excited by the market — and the cheeses — that I forgot to take many photos. But it's not like I was bereft of same for the rest of the day. Met up with Guy for dinner (more curry: when in London...!) then came back.

First thing tomorrow AM I hit the road.

Today’s meal: curry, curry and more curry. Saathi's in Enfield was good, but nothing particularly special. All three of us really enjoyed the Cinnamon Lounge in Stoke-Newington!

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