Sep. 28, 2013: Enfield, Middlesex, England

Finally finished all the work I needed to get done - only a day after my departure?

Flew to London via a stopover in Edmonton for a few hours. The airport there has a neat program where they have a couple of stages set up around the terminal and essentially hire musicians to come in and perform. Which is a far better deal than you get at most other departure lounges, where the alternative to boredom often involves paying exortionate amounts for overpriced and cruddy airport food.

On this stopover, I was entertained by a couple of very pleasant girls who sang some old jazz songs, a couple of numbers from Les Misérables... and then finished up their set with back-to-back renditions of Eye of the Tiger and Don't Stop Believin'.

I couldn't help but wonder if they knew Kate...?

Other than that, slept most of the way on the plane, little surprise there. (I needed it!)

Arrived mid-afternoon, had no trouble at all with the bike; just walked straight through everything and was out of the terminal in maybe 20 minutes after touchdown. THEN. Well. I hadn't counted on the bloomin' London traffic when crossing the city to get to my friend's place, and it was verrrry slow going.

Most of the way there were bikes zipping around traffic, going every which way. I suppose I will have to get used to this idea soon enough. In the meantime my Calgary instincts remain very much in place and I sit there, in the middle of vehicles, patiently awaiting my turn to proceed.


London double-decker buses have the worst-tasting exhaust ever.

Maybe 5 miles out of Heathrow I passed through the Hounslow town centre, where there's about 5 blocks worth of pedestrian mall, on which were set up all manner of street market stalls. Each one looking more appetizing than the previous, until I came across one selling Mauritanian Lamb Biryani. At that point, my willpower gave up entirely and I just had to stop. Very glad I did! Most excellent.

Night fell not long after that, and it was well past dark by the time I got to Oxford Road... even more so by my arrival in Enfield where I'm staying with a friend. So not many pictures. But I hope to take pictures over the next couple of days - will be in London until Tuesday.
We went out for some ales after my arrival, but I was pretty bagged by then so I forgot to write down which ones, and even really what I thought of them. Maybe tomorrow...

Today’s meal: Lamb Biryani. From a street market stall in Hounslow. A++ would nom again.
Today’s road: A315 - A402 - A502 - A105. 44.2km, 2h53. Breathing bus exhaust most of the time.

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Re: Enfield, Middlesex, England
At least it wasn't raining!  

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